Corporate Profile - Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands Ltd

Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands is a subsidiary of Sagicor Group Jamaica. The Company is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority(CIMA) as a Class A Domestic Insurer and carries a full and attractive range of Life, Pension, Group Life and Annuity Products. The Chairman of Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands is Mark Chisholm who is also the President and CEO of the Company and Tatiana Brown serves as Country Manager.Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands is a fast - growing company with a strong desire to satisfy the needs of its ever increasing clientele.

Company Vision

To be a great company committed to improving the lives of people in the communities in which we operate.

Brand Vision

To be loved by our clients and admired by our competitors.

Our Philosophy

To provide quality products and services to our customers while delivering strong return to our shareholders’ investments.

Our Values

Our Values dictate who we are … our S.C.R.I.P.T. guides our action
Sagicor Values – Service, Communication, Respect, Integrity, Performance and Teamwork

We aim to deliver an excellent experience for every Sagicor customer. We promise:

  • Transparency
    To provide our customers with timely and accurate information to help make informed decisions in selecting the products and services that meet their needs and financial circumstances
  • Privacy
    To treat all personal information as private and confidential
  • Innovation and reliability
    To provide online systems that allows secure and reliable access to your information, and to innovate and develop products, services and processes that enhance the customer experience with us.
  • Fairness
    To act fairly and reasonable in a consistent and ethical manner; and to process complaints or queries fairly and quickly
  • Accountability
    To be compliant with all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate; and to explain our products and services simply so that our customers can understand their benefits and how we can serve their needs.

We remain committed to our team, our customers, our stakeholders and our Country.